Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What I've Learned...

I'm currently sitting on my little couch in my quiet apartment listening to South Pacific-the 1958 movie version of course I just got it from Amazon-and I just finished reading my first blog for this class. I talked about my fight with the cursor-a fight I still have to this day. After reading it I read my last one, which funny enough is also about technology. I guess you could say I've come full circle. I also noticed another theme between my first and last blog, besides me complaining about computers, I talked about writing. The point of each blog is to voice my opinion on what I've learned. You could also say that the first and last blogs are the opening and closing conclusions of a paper with the other blogs as the body, proving by examples what I've learned and am opinionated about. It's me writing m y thoughts. Well, on that note, this is what I've noticed I learned...
I realized I read a lot of things I normally wouldn't. There are a lot of books or topics, or authors I would never read, frankly because I never heard of them, but mostly it's not what I thought I would be interested in. But I'm glad I did. I learned from them. Not only did I learn a nice story and some simple themes, but with critical theory I can dig deeper and learn more. I could feel the cogs in my brain turn and work a bit harder than they usually do.
I also love that as I learned about these theories and discussed them I was able to use them in my everyday life. I saw them everywhere and in everything. I saw them in books, movies, music, life scenarios, work, and church. I noticed looking back that I especially dug deeper in the oddest of things, like Disney.
So in the end, I've learned more about me than I thought I would. I learned that if I just let go and look harder I can get more out of literature which will carry over into my life. I've also learned that no matter what anyone else thinks, my opinion counts and it should be shared so that others can gain something from it, what ever it may be. I've also learned a lot more about different authors and different genres that I like and should read. For someone like me, that is something special. Well South Pacific is on the last song and I think I'll end this blog and listen a bit more closely so that I can see what I can learn from it, and maybe sing it out loud before the roomies get home. :) It's been a great semester, I'm sad to see it end.


  1. Funny, I feel the same way about this semester. Have never worked harder in school--ever. Maybe that's why? But, it's also the people. Fascinating collection of individuals and ideas...see you next week?

  2. Denise,
    You have been a treat to have in class. Blog: 100%
    Sister S.