Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday Realization

Yesterday was Good Friday. And I must say it was one of the best Good Fridays I’ve had. A few days each week I give a coworker of mine a ride to work. I pick up her up in front of the Wilk and we drive to work discussing our nights, our mornings, and usually what we’ve talked about in school. Yesterday we happened to talk about William Wordsworth-we’re both fans. As we were talking we mentioned what songs we have in our heads. At the time some Sound of Music songs. Then we went to a meeting discussing how to give good customer service and how we can increase our scores. Well then I get a call from a member-as we call them- and I do some research for her make some calls and call her back telling her everything has been found that she sent and everything is A-OK. Then the next song that came into my mind was (this is a little embarrassing) It’s Such a Good Feeling from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I just feel like to day is an especially “Good Friday”. I’m helping people, I have a beautiful picturesque image of a Wordsworth poem in my mind and singing some pretty happy songs. I love how so many things can come together, from literature, to music, to childhood memories, to new goals and especially helping people. I feel like maybe I should start my paper for the final but in doing so and thinking about my attitude that has come from yesterday I realized that my attitude can effect how I write and interpret things. I don’t know why this took so long for me to realize but I’m glad it did. So now depending on if I want to convey something, sad or happy, or if I want to let the reader decide then I'll have to be in an unbiased mood-which could be tricky. Maybe if it wasn't for Good Friday then I might never have figured this out, or at least it would have taken a long time. Thank goodness for Good Friday.

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