Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Literary Conference

I absolutely love conference! The general authorities have such an elegant way of articulating their point. As I listened I tried to see if anyone used any Literary references. One of them mentioned “The Hiding Place”. As I listened as he retold portions of the story I thought of how I’ve been reading Night for class. I thought we were quite aligned in a literary sense. Then elder Ballard went ahead and touched on some poetry with a Ralph Waldo Emmerson poem. I also noticed some pretty awesome alliteration by many of the authorities but I especially liked the tongue twister that Elder Ballard was using with the P’s. I wasn’t able to write down all of it, but yet I remember I was in amazement. Besides being spiritually enlightened I love that I also feel enlightened in a secular way because of the authors they use as examples. Even if some of these men didn’t have an educated background you know that the Lord has blessed them with that knowledge and ability to learn it and then teach it. The Lord has truly inspired men and women all over the earth to write and create wonderful poems, plays, books and even lyrics so that we can learn from them in addition to the scriptures.

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